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How do you top up a self priming mixer truck with water?

2021-12-03 17:47:15

  Many families have doubts about how to water the self loading mixer truck. They think that the automatic loading mixer truck needs to prepare its own water pipe to inject water into the mixing tank. In fact, it is not necessary. Because the automatic feeding mixer has its own water tank, the operator can fill the water tank with water before mixing concrete.

  The picture shows Zhongke Jufeng automatic feeding mixer filling the water tank. The water tank is located directly below the mixing tank. The water tanks on both sides are connected and arranged relatively, with a total capacity of 600 liters. The mixing truck is equipped with a "self-priming" 24V high-capacity water pump, which absorbs water quickly and can fill the water tank in 3 minutes.


  In addition to suction pump, large capacity water tank and automatic feeding mixer, it is also equipped with automatic water injection system. After the water tank is filled with water, the driver operates the water pump in the cab, and the automatic water injection system will inject the water in the water tank into the mixing tank and mix it with other raw materials to mix the concrete together.

  Therefore, those cumbersome steps, such as preparing the water pipe by yourself and pouring water into the mixing tank mouth at a high place, are not needed at all. At the beginning of the design of the automatic feeding mixer, these cumbersome steps have been packaged and saved. After all, convenience and efficiency are the original design intention of the feeding mixer.

  Another great use of the automatic water injection system is to clean the mixing tank at the end of each day's operation to prevent the concrete from solidifying in the tank and affecting the use of the next day.

  Since the inside of the mixing tank is cleaned by the automatic water injection system, the outside of the mixing tank, including the whole body of the mixing truck, must also be cleaned. Therefore, Zhongke Jufeng automatic feeding mixing truck is equipped with a high-pressure water gun, which is specially used to clean the body of the mixing truck, which can quickly peel and wash away the dirt, and give the mixing truck a clean "face", which is more economical and environmentally friendly.


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