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6 things you should know about concrete mixer trucks

2022-03-24 17:12:43

  What should I keep in mind when operating a concrete mixertruck?

  For experienced drivers, they have a good knowledge of common sense of safe driving. Remember that the concrete is in a liquid state, if the vehicle turns sharply, you should reduce speed to avoid the centrifugal force tha tmakes the vehicle unstable!

  What are the effects of loading excessive concrete to the mixer?

  If the concrete mixer truck less than 9m3 is loaded with too much concrete, the truck will leak during climbing; If the the mixer truck under 12m3 is loaded with too much concrete, the sand ratio of the concrete will reduce, and the stone particle size will be too large.

  How long will a new concrete mixer truck usually have problems after operation?

  Typically five years for the mixer truck loading dry materials and seven years for wet materials. Generally, the mixer truck is prone to problems after 3 years. It depends onthe maintenance and the manufacturer.

  What if the concrete solidifies in the concrete mixer truck?

  Once the concrete has solidified,the tank of it is often cutby electric welding or flame cutting and then the solidified concrete is mechanically broken.

  Which is more suitable forthe hydraulic pumpof a small volumemixer truck, a quantitative pump or a variable volumepump?

  The hydraulic pump is the main component of the mixer truck. Generally, the mixer truck under 6m3 is equipped with standard quantitative pump, but customers are recommended to choose variable pump.

  How to pay for mixer trucks?

  There are different payment methods for concrete mixer trucks. You can buy the whole truck in full payment or in installments. Generally, the manufacturer gives certain discounts for the entire payment, while there is no preferential term payment and the interest is equal to bank interest.

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