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10 ton truck mounted crane truck mounted


The full name of the Canton Fair is China Import and Export Fair, which was officially established on April 25, 1957. This year, it is the 127th session. As a comprehensive international trade event w


How do you top up a self priming mixer truck with water?

2021-12-03 17:47:15

  Many families have doubts about how to water the self loading mixer truck. They think that the automatic loading mixer truck needs to prepare its own water pipe to inject water into the mixing tan...

Strength of Self loading concrete mixer

2021-12-03 09:12:46

There is a water tank integrated to the self-loading concrete mixer, together with the water tank,there is a self-priming water pump that could pump exogenous water to the water tank for itself to...

Self loading Mixer High Pressure Water Pump Test

2021-12-02 17:43:59

After each self-loading mixer truck is completed, we will test each function to ensure that the customer can use it normally.Today , we are testing the high pressure water pump .The high-pressure clea...

Demonstration Of How Self-Loading Concrete Mixer Works

2021-11-19 11:55:21

Self-loading concrete mixer is an efficient concrete machinery. It could independently load the raw materials ,even the water,and mix them to concrete. One operator could complete the whole process wi...

Kyrgyzstan Customers Visited Our Self-loading Mixer Factory

2021-11-18 10:53:07

Welcome Kyrgyzstan Customers Visited Our Self-loading Mixer Factory.Self-loading mixer trucks are favored by the construction industry because of their diversified functions and diversified applicabl...

Concrete mixer with pump

2021-08-19 16:37:02

As of now ,we have sold the concrete mixer with pump to every corner of the world. The concrete mixer with pump is quite popular among developing countries due to the concrete mixing and pumping funct...

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