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How much does a self-loading concrete mixer truck cost?

2022-03-25 18:02:25

  When you plan to buy a self-loading concrete mixertruck for your business, the first thing you may consider is the price. So, how much does a self-loading concrete mixertruck cost?

  Actually, the cost of a self-loading concrete mixer truck depends on the configuration and the brand of spare parts. When buying a self-loading concrete mixer truck, you need to know your requirements and working conditions so that you can choose the right equipment model, configuration and spare parts. Here are 3 aspectsyou need to notice.


  The chassisis an important part of the self-loading concrete mixertruck. It is the most expensive and has high maintenance cost when used. For example, if there is something wrong with your chassis, you will spend at least $100 to repair it or $1000 to change another one.

  When choosingchassis, you should first focus onthe performance of engine and the chassis torque, fuel consumption, tire frame, ride comfort and emissions standards. Along with the performance of the truck chassis and whether the chassis manufacturer can provide timely maintenance support and spare parts supply, you must also consider local emission requirements and the dealers’financial condition. The morethe workloadis, the higher the reliability requirements of the self-loading concrete mixertruck.


  We always worry about the breakdowns of the self-loading concrete mixertruck during operation. If there are any errors during operationand the problem can’t be solvedin a timely manner, the concrete will condense. Even worse, the tank may be thrown away, and you have to spend a lot of money on it. So be careful in choosing the material. The thickness of the self-loading concrete mixertrucktank depends on the quality of the tank. You can request the thickness of the tank from the manufacturer of the self-loading concrete mixertruck. If the thickness is less than 5 mm, it should not be considered.


  Hydraulic motor, hydraulic pump and reducer are three important parts of concrete mixer cost. They are mainly from Germany, Italy and the United States, and the price is relatively high.By contrast, they are much cheaper in China.

  Generally speaking, the price of a self-loading concrete mixer truck ranges from $1000 to $70000, and the quality also varies from each to each. Which one to buy depends on your financial situation. If you want to know how to choose a self-loading mixer truck, you can read our article 3 tips to choose a right self-loading concrete mixer truck. If you want to find a reliable supplier, you can contact Zhengzhou Talenet! Our wbesite is


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