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3 tips to choose a right self-loading concrete mixer truck

2022-03-28 17:27:27

  Because of the higher efficiency, productivity, and labor savings that self-loading mixers offer, this is a worthwhile investment to but a self-loading concrete mixer truck instead of a tradition concrete mixer truck. However, considering our financial condition, it’s important to make the right choice.

  Here are some factors to consider when purchasing a self-loading concrete mixer truck:

  1. the right brand

  Compare different brands of self-loading concrete mixer trucks that meet our requirements and specifications. Give priority to the brands with good sales and good after-sales service.

  2. Spare parts

  The availability and reliability of spare parts are essential to keep the mixer running without interruption. Always look for a supplier with a spare parts distribution network. Also, you should research costs of spare parts and maintenance schedules.

  3. Suppliers

  Evaluate the suppliers before purchasing a self-loading concrete mixer truck, which is easily accomplished by evaluating the supplier's export cases, suggested costs, after-sales service, on-site support and the feedback from existing customers.

  If you haven’t make a decision yet, you can contact our staff directly. We will help you solve your problems in time.


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